it's all relative.

Generation Kill AU, Brad and Nate met at a bar.

“Some party you got there.”

“Yeah. We’re celebrating.”

“Is it the end of semester already?”

“We’re not in college. We’re from the 22nd Precinct.”

“Are you even old enough to handle a gun?

“I’m old enough to handle a drunk grunt on a libo.”

“How do you know I’m in the service?”

“Will you be more surprise if I also know that you’re trying to flirt with me?”


“You’ve been staring at me from across the bar the whole night. If you think I didn’t notice, then you’re wrong.”

“So much for my reconnaissance skill. Guess I really am drunk.”

“Nah, I’m just that good of a cop.”

Laura Osnes and Stark Sands in Bonnie & Clyde

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